Monday, June 29, 2009

Party Bag

We got to go to a sweet little man’s second birthday party this weekend. There was bubbles, pizza, a little jump house, a sand box, great cup cakes, adorable gift bags, and loads of fun!

I was a little nervous before we left because I had had sort of a hard time thinking of an appropriate present. I didn’t want to give a toy, because, well there are always toys. I wanted to give something creative. I thought about making a felt board, but decided that since the Mommy was a kindergarten teacher that it might be a great idea. It didn’t seem original. I didn’t want to make a crayon roll, although I know they are very popular homemade kiddy gifts. It just didn’t seem like a fun present for a two year old. So I decided on a little man sized tote.

I had planned on making fabric balls ages ago (but they didn’t turn out like I had hoped so I never finished them), and so I had the perfect fabric on hand. Go Dawgs! So here is the finished project.

I had usually used the Tiny Tote non-pattern from Sew What Bags by Lexie Barnes. (And if you go the book's website and click on sample, you can have the instructions for free!) The problem that I ran into is that the instructions call for one large piece of fabric folded in half, which I couldn’t do because one side of my bag would have been upside down. I decided on making it a little larger too, because I wanted it to be able to hold Little Golden books. I first cut out two pieces of fabric 10”x9”. I also had to make my straps longer than in the book because my bag was going to be larger. I ended up cutting two long trips 3” wide using my rotary fabric cutter and a ruler. I cut each strip a complete length of my fabric, made the straps, measured them to the bag to the size I wanted, and the cut the excess. I like the bag being a 9” width, because it made it easier to find the perfect placement for the straps. I laid the main fabric on my blue cutting mat and measured it out. The finished straps measured an inch wide so it was 2” fabric, strap, 2” fabric, strap, 2” fabric. My weird Monk mind loved that.

I really liked this idea because I didn’t have to worry about wrapping the presents. I just filled it with goodies and put in doggie pawed tissue paper. Perfect! I think it went over pretty well too. When little man’s Mommy asked where I found the bag and I answered that I had made it, I got a few whiplash looks from the other mommies. That’s a pretty good compliment right?
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Samantha said...

I love it!!

And thank you for the link too... I've been trying to decide how to make Noah a little bag to take to the library and this is perfect!

Lainey-Paney said...

VERY creative gift idea!