Monday, July 27, 2009

Le poulet ou les ouefs

I have been seeing a lot of great examples of handmade felt food lately and had put it on my LONG to make list. I then found myself away from home and in need to make something. Felt crafts came to mind straight away because it the only craft I can thing of that needs virtually no special tools and very little supplies. The only things you really need are embroidery floss, a good needle (one with a large eye for floss to go through but that’s sharp and sturdy enough to push through several layers of felt), and of course felt. Well and a project. Other things like felt glue, embroidery hoop, and water soluble pen are helpful but not necessary for a good quick project.

Here are my first two pieces.

The chicken drumstick came out a little large and looks more like a turkey leg.

The fried egg turned out well except I didn’t have the right color floss to match the yolk.

To make these two pieces I used some images I had seen online for inspiration, but made the pieces free hand. I just started cutting felt. I added extra layers of felt for stability on blanket stitched around the edges.

And by the way the pan came from a cooking set from Ikea. We don’t have one near by so when we were going to be close to one recently I begged my husband for a detour. He grudgingly agreed. I didn’t waste time (although I’m sure he would disagree) heading straight to the kiddy section. I scored the set of pans, cooking utensils, and eight cups which all together were under $20. Everything is pretty gender neutral which makes me very happy! The dishes were in pastels but they weren’t over the top. I still decided to pass though.

Hopefully (it’s on my LONG to make list) I can put together a kiddy kitchen to show soon. I have been seeing tons of adorable ones that look way better the plastic kinds you can buy. And I have made a few more pieces and I will be sharing those later.

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Samantha said...


Some friends and I pitched in together and ordered a bunch of felt food patterns on Etsy.... but ask me if I've had a chance to make any yet?! :)

You might just have inspired me!

Trina said...

Those are so cute! :)