Friday, May 29, 2009


Something that I have been lucky to learn early in life is to live everyday. Everyday is a new start. Everyday is a miracle.

That doesn’t mean that you have to be happy about where you are, just where you are going. Sometimes all life is, is the journey. Or better an adventure. It isn’t easy to look at life that way when the kitchen floor needs sweeping, there’s a days worth of dishes in the sink, and bills need to be paid.

But I know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be even if I don’t always see the reason. And God doesn’t always give us the family that we want, but he gives us the ones that we need. I pray that my life can be measured by those that gain from it. Everyday is a new start. Everyday is a miracle . . .
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No more animals, PLEASE!

I feel just terrible! TERRIBLE! Today is not a good day for me and animals. This morning I walked down to the neighborhood garden to weed some. I was noticing that our tomato plants hadn’t grown very much so I wandered over to the neighbors’ plants to see how they were fairing. They hadn’t grown much either, so I turned around to walk back and saw a giant enormous snake. Let me just say that I am afraid of snakes. Any snakes. Especially small ones, but I don’t give preference to big ones either. It’s amazing how fast your mind can think in about three seconds. In those three seconds I planned my escape route, jumped back about three feet, made a note to not pee myself, and checked to see if it was poisonous. It fact it was a highly poisonous and deadly kind of snake. It was a cobra . . . a plastic cobra.

My neighbor had put it out to scare off the gigantic crows we have here, but he probably never thought that it would give me a heart attack. I decided that I had had enough garden so I walked back home. I wasn’t ready to go in yet so I decided to sit on the back porch and try to steady my heart. By and by I noticed a big lizard lying around my tomato plants on the deck. It wasn’t ginormous, but it wasn’t the little black kind that we always see around here. It was grayish with an orange neck. It just ran off the side of the deck. I was fine with that. Maybe it will eat bugs around the yard. I turned around and noticed what I think was another lizard, but the same kind right by my slightly ajar door. Luckily for me it decided to not run in, because I don’t think I could stand a lose lizard in the house.

After lunch I decided that I needed some clean up around the house. I have noticed that a bird was building a nest in my dryer vent. I had already pulled it out a little while back, but I guess the bird didn’t take a hint that there were no vacancies here. I went and got a ladder. It hadn’t been that long since I had pulled it out last so I was hoping that it hadn’t had time to build much. I got a broom and banged on the side of the house next to the vent to tell the bird that the landlord was coming with an eviction notice. No response. So I started pulling out the nest. All of a sudden there is some winged creature brushing against my hand and I fear heading toward my face. I scream . . . like Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween . . . I hear it echo through the neighborhood. I steady the ladder and glance around my head to make sure the squatter isn’t coming back. Then I continue pulling out leaves, twigs, and bits of moss. And then my heart sank. I was too late.

I know that this time Mommy bird isn’t coming back, but I pray that if she didn’t get the hint the first time maybe she can’t say away this time. I was going to try and put the nest back in this bird house the old owners had left, but after I cleaned it out I realized there was no way that I could get the eggs in unharmed.

Look at how much the previous tenant had packed in that house.

And there was an old wasp’s nest inside. Apparently this is supposed to be for a finch if you notice the writing.

I decided to just go and get a bucket and put the eggs inside that. I took a clean paint can and carefully put the nest remnants inside. Then, careful to not touch the eggs, I lay the nest part with the eggs on top. I’m hoping that my smell won’t bother the bird because I’m sure our smell was on the dryer lent, and hopefully it can’t tell the difference. I wish I could do more, but I also know the more you do the worse off the little eggs will be. I used a zip tie to attach the bucket to the ladder though because we are supposed to have storms rolling in and the end of the week . . . Anyway I just feel terrible.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day!

Look what I got! Good job Hubby!
Now maybe I can finally finish the bag that I have been working on.
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