Thursday, April 9, 2009

Love, Hate, and some Easter eggs

I have been feeling pretty good lately. I think it’s because I have actually ‘made’ the time to craft things. I say made because really I have just been not doing other things . . . like the dishes. I saw these cute little eggs over at Retro Mama, and thought they were so cute. They are not unlike the balls that I attempted and kind of failed. Mine turned out to look like footballs and not, well balls. I really wanted to retry it, but I’m just not one of those people that will rip out stitches when I make a mistake. I just keep going. That and my sewing machine and I had a little tift, but more on that later.

Since these eggs were supposed to be long shaped and not round I thought it would be perfect. So I started going through my fabric stash and came up empted handed. So after going to Wal-Mart and spending $30 on assorted fabric, I put together these! Not quite as lovely as Retro Mama’s but they look pretty good. At least my tops come together well and all meet and don’t look wonky. The first couple I stuffed wasn’t really working right either so I am going to have to pull out the stuffing and redo it. Yes, I will re-stuff. Ok so here are the lessons I have finally learned.

1. If the pattern is small and needs to be outlined, print it out on cardstock (Retro Mama said to do this and it works great!)
2. If you need to make little tick dotes on the pattern, punch out the hole with a seam ripper and then widen it with a pencil.
3. You do need those tick marks so follow directions
4. At the tops make sure you lay the fabric in opposite directions so you don’t have to sew through so much fabric.
5. Poly-fil needs to puffed up before you stuff or you will get lumps.

I still need to finish stuffing and then close up the seams, but I am pretty happy with the project so far.

And here is my sewing machine. Let me just say that although my mom is one of the craftiest, creative, DIY’ers out there, a good teacher she is not. I was never really allowed to mess with her sewing machines (yes machines) because she was afraid that I would change all her settings. So after much procrastination (and pushing from my dear mother-in-law) I purchased this machine. It has been a love hate relationship ever since. I love the fact that it is digital so if I start playing around and decide I probably shouldn’t be doing whatever it is that I am doing I can just shut it off and back on and it resets. So Mom probably was right. The problem is that I have trouble with the bobbin. For some reason the bobbin case holder thing slips out sometimes or thread raps around it or I get big knots on the underside of what I’m sewing. I decided to take it to Jo-Ann’s so they could watch me and see what ever it was that I was doing wrong. The answer. Nothing. And it hasn’t really happened since. So I decided today that I think it needs a name. I don’t know what. What do you name something that you have a love/hate relationship with? I’m kind of thinking that it should be male, well cause you know why, but then again it does make pretty things . . . . so any suggestions? Has anybody else named their sewing machine?
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Sarah and Jack said...

I have the same machine and I had similiar problems with mine at first too. I ended up having to buy a new bobbin case thingy and that stopped it.

Pregnantly Plump said...

I named my sewing machine Edgar on a whim right after I got it. Let me tell you, we pretty much have a hate/hate relationship. Edgar is not a nice machine. I know I need a new one, but just haven't had the energy to actually search out one that fits my needs.
If your machine acts up, I recommend the name Edgar.

Samantha said...

Hmm.... no name for my sewing machine either {or perhaps yet?}. And yay for trying again and learning new lessons along the way!

The eggs are too cute! :)