Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thrift Score!

I’m way behind on sharing my thrift store finds. Here are some from the beginning of March.

I am a little disappointed in my green fish-bowl (fish because the scallops look like scales). The bowl is marked E.O. Brody Co. Cleveland, Ohio. I really liked it until I got it home and washed it. First I noticed a chink in it (which I could ignore), but then after it dried it’s became shiny. I still love the color, but haven’t made my mind up yet about the bowl. Maybe I just need to move it to a different place in the house.

I was so excited to see this pair of milk glass lamps, especially at the price! I think they were $4.00 for the pair. I don’t care if they work because I plan on rewiring them anyway. One of them is broke or at least lopsided. I’m sure that I can fix something up. My dilemma is deciding if I should do something about the worn paint. I think I might leave it because it has this cool rubbed finish.

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Trina said...

Nice score. You'll have to share the finished product with us too :)