Monday, March 23, 2009

Bookworm Party: Goody Bags

The goody bags were harder than I expected. I don’t remember ever getting goody bags as a child, so I wasn’t quite sure what to put in them. I didn’t want to fill them full of candy, and I wanted to make sure that they stayed age appropriate even though the ages of the guests were going to be varied. So this is what I went with:

A kiwi green cello bag filled with:
MS Popcorn ball (my healthy candy alternative)
Assorted Bookplates
Special Bookmark
Coloring Sheets from Golden Books

I decided to include one each of these:
Zita Newcome's bookplate number 2
Penny Dale's bookplate number 1
Debi Gliori's bookplate number 1
Anita Jeram's bookplate number 5
Martin Ursell's bookplate number 1

First I adjusted the size of the bookplates so that I could print several on a page. I used brown paper cardstock and attached double sided tape to the back. It was harder to find bookplates than I thought it would be. Although, My Home Library had a very good selection I really like these, but were afraid that were too vintage (if there could be such a thing).

I found the perfect book mark at Microsoft of all places. It was using the same clipart that had been the inspiration for the cake and shirt. I changed the text to read “A special bookmark just for me, “ and printed them out using white card stock.

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