Monday, February 16, 2009


Ok, so I’m still working on the head band project. Even though I found several that I liked, none seemed to be what I had in mind, so I decided to try and copy one that I had already bought. And then the ickies hit. It even seemed to hit my sewing machine. Well, we are all on the mend here and even my sewing machine is feeling better (especially after a new part and my sister telling me that I have been threading it wrong!)

As I sit here and sew, I started thinking that I really needed a pin cushion. So once again, I start a project before I finish one. Here are my choices:

Heather Bailey: Square Deal Pincushion

Paper String Cloth: Square Patchwork Pincushion

Purl Bee: Very Easy Pincushion
Notes: Round pumpkin or tomato shape

Craft Stylish: Pretty Pincushions
Notes: Very Tiny Pincushions made using bottle caps and felt, very good instructions for embroidery

How about orange: Tiny Pincushions
Notes: Very tiny pincushions made using bottle caps and cloth

Living Creatively: Felt Apple
Notes: Steps show hand sewn

Green Kitchen: Wrist Pincushion
Notes: Cool idea but probably wouldn’t use it.

My Little Mochi: Wrist Pincushion
Notes: Uses bottle caps and hair bands

Rozzie Land: Sunny Wrist Pincushion Tutorial
Notes: Like My Little Mochi, but with cute felt sunshine

I think I will try the Heather Bailey one first, but some of these others are so cute I might make them too!

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