Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bookworm Party: Invitations

Last week was a busy week. We are finally getting over the germies here and planning for a party at the same time was a little harder than I thought. We were reassured by the doctor though that we wouldn’t be contagious. Even though I’m not a kiddy party expert or even a novice, I think it went off really well!

I decided to do a bookworm theme party. Still keeping in line with my new year’s resolution, I decided that we would rather have books instead of toys. They take up less space, and quite frankly I’m getting tired of reading Hungry Hungry Caterpillar. I think trying to pick a theme for a children’s party is hard to do, trying to balance out a having a relaxing party and not relying too heavily on commercial products, which personally don’t seem very fun to me.

I know that it isn’t very kiddy but here is the cover of the invitations. I scanned the back of an old book that I had, and then used Photoshop to get the RGB color code for the gold color on the scroll work. I used that for the text. The volume number is the age. I think that idea came from someone on a children’s party website. I decided to make the inside of the card look like the introduction pages to a real book.

The left page reads:

To _____ who is turning __!

This is a birthday destined for the books, so we are celebrating
biblio-style! If you would like to bring a gift, please bring a
favorite children's book. In lieu of cards, inscribe the book for a special memory!

Copyright 2009
Printed in the United States of America

The right page was made to look like the Table of Contents with the page numbers corresponding to the Date, Time, Location and RSVP information. After printing out the pages on cream card stock, I used my Glue Runner to attach red ribbon just to the top of the right page. I cut the ribbon so that it would hang down just like a book mark. I was pretty excited about the invitations.

Stay tuned, I have more Bookworm party ideas to share later!

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Pregnantly Plump said...

That invitation looks great! What a wonderful idea.

Liz said...

Such an adorable idea! Love it!