Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I was so excited yesterday when I saw this at my birdfeeder. Actually, this isn’t what I saw but it was the only birds I didn’t scare away when I got my camera. I first noticed a bright almost orange woodpecker (that I later realized was a Red-bellied Woodpecker and about four other woodpeckers that looked like this one pictured. When I moved to grab my camera they flew away.

I have been searching the web, but can’t seem to find an image that looks like either the woodpecker or the other little bird. Finally I came across this website that had different pictures so I could compare.

I think it might be a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.

I would love to know what the cute little green bird is also. Any ideas? Maybe this or this?
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bookworm Party: Invitations

Last week was a busy week. We are finally getting over the germies here and planning for a party at the same time was a little harder than I thought. We were reassured by the doctor though that we wouldn’t be contagious. Even though I’m not a kiddy party expert or even a novice, I think it went off really well!

I decided to do a bookworm theme party. Still keeping in line with my new year’s resolution, I decided that we would rather have books instead of toys. They take up less space, and quite frankly I’m getting tired of reading Hungry Hungry Caterpillar. I think trying to pick a theme for a children’s party is hard to do, trying to balance out a having a relaxing party and not relying too heavily on commercial products, which personally don’t seem very fun to me.

I know that it isn’t very kiddy but here is the cover of the invitations. I scanned the back of an old book that I had, and then used Photoshop to get the RGB color code for the gold color on the scroll work. I used that for the text. The volume number is the age. I think that idea came from someone on a children’s party website. I decided to make the inside of the card look like the introduction pages to a real book.

The left page reads:

To _____ who is turning __!

This is a birthday destined for the books, so we are celebrating
biblio-style! If you would like to bring a gift, please bring a
favorite children's book. In lieu of cards, inscribe the book for a special memory!

Copyright 2009
Printed in the United States of America

The right page was made to look like the Table of Contents with the page numbers corresponding to the Date, Time, Location and RSVP information. After printing out the pages on cream card stock, I used my Glue Runner to attach red ribbon just to the top of the right page. I cut the ribbon so that it would hang down just like a book mark. I was pretty excited about the invitations.

Stay tuned, I have more Bookworm party ideas to share later!

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Avocado Typewriter Table

I found the cute avocado metal table several months ago for around $15 at Goodwill and couldn’t pass it up. At the time I had no idea what it was or what I was going to use it for, but it was the perfect shade of green. I knew that if I left it I would regret it. Later I decided that it was the perfect size for a bedside table. I’m not sure that it really fits with the décor and I’m sure that I will end up moving it around the house, but for right now I love it. And the light works, but I’m afraid to leave it plugged in because I’m a little cautious about the older wiring. My cousin told me that it was a typewriter table with makes perfect since with the foldable arms. I like that I can have a little extra room if I need it. It does have a couple of rust spots on top, and I thought about trying to find something to spray over it, like a clear coating but I’m afraid of messing up the original paint.
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Start of a Pincushion

I was going to try and finish the pin cushion today, but this was as far as I got. Who knew it would take so long deciding from my closet craft stash?

I loved the floral fabric, but I didn’t have anything that coordinated except for several selections of almost the same color green in different shades. The example had two different prints and I’m worried it won’t work out. I am excited about using the button though. It came on a gift package of lotion from Bath and Body Works that I received in high school. I kept the package for a long time, but finally just kept the button. I’m glad that I did because I think it will be perfect!
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Here are the pictures of my first finished headband. I wanted to use two different fabrics, so I decided to just go by a headband that I already had. I wanted the band to be kind of wide and curved and I was afraid that none of the patterns would turn out exactly the way I wanted, but now in hindsight I realized that it would probably have been the same. I only had black elastic (that I had in my stash that I grabbed while it was on clearance) so I decided to cover it with fabric too, even though the one I was going by just had the plain white elastic. I think it turned out pretty well, especially since I did it by just looking at one. I think I am going to try the Heather Bailey one next. But that one is going to be for me!

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Ok, so I’m still working on the head band project. Even though I found several that I liked, none seemed to be what I had in mind, so I decided to try and copy one that I had already bought. And then the ickies hit. It even seemed to hit my sewing machine. Well, we are all on the mend here and even my sewing machine is feeling better (especially after a new part and my sister telling me that I have been threading it wrong!)

As I sit here and sew, I started thinking that I really needed a pin cushion. So once again, I start a project before I finish one. Here are my choices:

Heather Bailey: Square Deal Pincushion

Paper String Cloth: Square Patchwork Pincushion

Purl Bee: Very Easy Pincushion
Notes: Round pumpkin or tomato shape

Craft Stylish: Pretty Pincushions
Notes: Very Tiny Pincushions made using bottle caps and felt, very good instructions for embroidery

How about orange: Tiny Pincushions
Notes: Very tiny pincushions made using bottle caps and cloth

Living Creatively: Felt Apple
Notes: Steps show hand sewn

Green Kitchen: Wrist Pincushion
Notes: Cool idea but probably wouldn’t use it.

My Little Mochi: Wrist Pincushion
Notes: Uses bottle caps and hair bands

Rozzie Land: Sunny Wrist Pincushion Tutorial
Notes: Like My Little Mochi, but with cute felt sunshine

I think I will try the Heather Bailey one first, but some of these others are so cute I might make them too!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Head Band Project

I want to make a headband. I tried a few weeks back to make a quick one myself, but my sewing machine decided it was a bad idea. So after having to wait a few weeks to be able to pick up a new bobbin case, I have given in a little more thought. I’m afraid that this new sewing project will turn out the way of the fabric balls or the bag. I decided to look at different tutorials instead of just going it on my own. Here are some of the ones I have found:

Foofangle’s Best Band Ever

Altered Cloth: DIY Headband Collection
Notes: 5 different tutorials

HELLO My Name is Heather: Hooray for Headbands
Notes: Elastic hidden by ties

Chicken Coop Crafts Fabric Headband Tutorial
Notes: with ribbon ties

The Long Thread: Reversible Headbands

Old Red Barn Co.: Headband Tutorial
Notes: no printable pattern

Savy Seams
Notes: Two Tutorials used by Homemade by Jill

Now I just have to pick one. Any helpful suggestions before I start? I figured it was better to ask before this time instead of after?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Glue Runner

I’m always interested in hearing what other supplies crafters use, so I thought that I would start sharing some of the things that I keep in my “tool box.”

Adhesives are one of those areas that are a little hazy to me. There are a zillion different kinds of a zillion different jobs. One that I really like is Ad tech’s Permanent Glue Runner. It’s usually found on the scrapbooking aisle.

I just used it today to apply ribbon to cardstock and it works great. It is probably the least messiest glue I have ever used. It is acid free so it’s safe to use on Photo’s, and anything archival. I’ve used it on little pearl buttons, and it will adhere just about anything to paper. And it’s refillable, which makes it even better.

Here is a close-up of the applicator, so you can see how it works.

So what's in your "tool box?"

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