Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Thrift Score

Here are some more thrifting pictures that I forgot to post. It is from several months ago.

It was a big hall.

I thought this was a pretty cool vintage sheet. Love the big flowers.

I bought these for the frames. Hoping to spray paint and save some money. The faded pony prints are really ugly.

These frames I kind of got for both the prints and the frames. I like the prints but I think they would cute in something else. And more spray paint for the frames.
These I got for my bff. I thought that if she didn't like them, I would just use the frames. But they are pretty cute.

Here I was already thinking of spring. I love baby chicks in the spring.
And of course more milkglass. I couldn't pass up these cups either. I haven't seen any of these in a while, and they had little birds on them.

And hopefully I will be finished with these soon. Something else on my project list!

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Pregnantly Plump said...

I am always buying shelves at tag sales and yard sales! They are so handy. I love the sheet, by the way! Are you planning to sew something with it?

Samantha said...

Seriously... your project list must be as long as mine! :) And I LOVE that sheet too!!