Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Little Mittens

I just finished this ornament night before last, and I love it! There is just something about the round shape of ornaments that I love, so I decided to see how many different ways I could decorate these slightly smaller than 3” round pieces of felt. I got out my sketch pad (that I got special for drawing these patterns) and made several circles on one page. Then I drew different designs. There were really only about two that I liked, but this was my favorite. I just made a copy of my drawing on my printer/copier/everything machine, and then cut out the shape of one mitten. After cutting them out of red felt I decided to add a little detail to the mittens and the cuff. For the cuff I just cut out another piece of red felt and glued it on with special felt glue (I hope to do another post on that latter). I then used Ecru DMC floss and embroidered on a pattern. I was going for more of an argyle pattern, but the little mitten is so small it was kind of hard. After that I crochet a chain stitch out of number 321 DMC Pearl Cotton (which I bought by accident. I thought I was getting more embroidery floss just on a spool. As it turns out, this was only single strand not six). I left the ends long of both sides of the chain stitch so that I could hand sew them to each mitten. After blanket stitching around the felt circles with 321 DMC floss I simply glued the mittens on the felt. I thought it would be easier this way so I could make sure that it was centered exactly like I wanted. I also had the hand sewed the ribbon to the felt before doing the blanket stitch. I think it came out perfect. And I remembered to embroider my initials and 08 on the back this time. I think I have gotten so excited about the others that I have forgotten. Oh, well. I guess I will just have to remember that 2008 was the year of the felt ornaments.

Let me know if you want to try this. If anyone is interested I will try to share a pattern for the mitten and the circle.
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