Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Card Wreath

It has been a while since I have made a Martha craft. It’s been a while since I have actually finished any craft really (excluding the recent burst of felt ornaments), but when I started receiving Christmas cards (more than the two in the picture . . . I didn’t want to share the one’s with picture’s on them) I had to make a hurried version of the Martha Stewart Pinup Wreath.

This is the same as the wreaths that I made several years ago as my standard Christmas gift; i.e. made assembly line style with the only variation being different ribbon for each bow. I know that it looks quite a bit different from Martha’s, but I made mine from memory. I thought it looked better with the ribbon on the bottom. Ribbon tying isn’t really something that I do very well, but it isn’t as crooked as it is in the picture. I think I had the camera turned sideways because the card on top isn’t really “on the top.”

I used regular clothes pins, because that is what I used last time. Actually, I still had the bag left over. As I was hot gluing, I thought ‘hey, I bet this would look better using miniature cloths pins and placing them along the hoop instead of sticking out. That way the card will over lap.” Maybe next time. Apparently, via the Martha directions, I should have been using miniature cloths pins all along.

Something else that I forgot was to place some of the pins inward. Instead of pulling some of them off, which I could have done with the hot glue, I decided to make some of the pins do double duty. I just simply glued a pin right on top of another one. It doesn’t really stick out that much, and I think that it works great.

One extra thing that I remember from last time is that although using hot glue will hold the pins to the hoop, they may not hold for long. When I was transporting the wreaths to their recipients some of the pins popped off. While I thought they were awesome (and still do) I think the only person that still uses them is my Mom. Actually, she kind of revamped hers and added more pins and I think more hoops. If I can get a picture of it this year (if she is still using it) I will try to post it. This would be cool if you did three hoops and made a snow man. I also thought about spray painting it, but the ribbon that I had was kind of rustic and didn’t match the paint I had on hand . . . and would have taken more than the five or ten minutes that I used on this craft start to finish.

I think this is a really good gift to give someone. You can make a bunch of them at once, while still changing them to match someone’s personal style. Just remember though, if you are making them to last or to give away use wood glue like Martha said! If you decide to try one of these or have made one already I would love to see it!

Also, here is another great idea from Martha on Displaying Christmas Cards. How do you display your Chrismas Cards?

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kirsten said...

This is such a great idea! Maybe for next year... I wonder if painting the whole thing green would work...

Love your ornaments, too - esp. the toadstool!