Monday, November 24, 2008

Local Thrift

Last week I made a trip to the local thrift. I was pretty lucky I think. This is my cache. I finally found some large frames that were under $5.00. Most of the large frames that I have seen lately, even at my small town thrift, have been $25 to $30. I think it’s because they come with art or prints, but usually I think they are ugly anyway and I just want the frames. I would just go to Michael’s if I was going to spend that much. Anyway, my husband’s reaction was that they are pretty banged up, but I think they will look fine after some spray paint and a little magic. I have a crafty plan for the really ugly one of the left.

I scored some what I think is old milk glass. I already have one just like the middle one, but I thought it would be cute to have a couple of it. I might resell the others.

I also got this vintage milk glass grape dish. I’m not sure if I like it or not, but I thought I would get it anyway. If I don’t I could always resell it.

I also picked up some more craft supplies. It's super cheap this way.

Some cute vintage-ie looking fabric. Not sure if it really is though, but I liked it.

Two old children’s books. The truth is that I didn’t even look at them that well. Usually I look and see when they were printed, because there is just something cool about having old books around. I even love the smell of them. Not the dusty old house smell, but the aged paper smell.

A Martha Stewart Good Things Binder. I already had one, but I just couldn’t leave it!

And the pièce de résistance! A Canon Auto Zoom 814 super 8 camera! I never expected to see it. I don’t know if it works, because it takes batteries for the zoom. When I first saw it my heart started to palpitate. Before we moved here, I visited Goodwill almost weekly and it always amazed me how photography equipment seemed to find its way there. I wondered if somehow they figured out that there was a nut that would frequent the store that just couldn’t help her compulsion to bring all this old dusty antiquated equipment home. To a small apartment with no storage none the less. Anyway, that was kind of the same train of thought when I walked up to the register and saw this little piece of shiny metal. How it found its way to this small mountain town, I don’t know but surely it was meant for me. My voice quivered as I asked to look at the camera. I looked it up side ways and long ways. Front ways and back ways, no visible lens scratches, seals looks intact, all the buttons move. The only test I couldn’t do is to release the shutter and hear the rhythmic clicking of the iris opening and closing. I looked at the price tag $25.00 . . . but with no battery I couldn’t see if it worked. You see I have a standard rule that I can’t pay over $25.00 for an antique camera unless it is super cool AND it works. This one defiantly fit the super cool. I asked to speak to the manager. What? Did my ears deceive me? They have a 30 day return policy AND it was marked down to $10.00! I”LL TAKE IT!

See, my rational is that if I was to buy a fake camera piece from, oh say, Pottery Barn, etc, it was cost way more than $10, so as an art piece I think it’s worth it. The only problem is if I can convince my husband to come over to my way of thinking. I think this will make it a little easier. Now I only have to see if it works . . .


Pregnantly Plump said...

That camera IS cool! I hope it works. A friend of mine got an old video camera at a flea market and found the coolest ways to use it.

Liz said...

That camera is fabulous!!! I hope it works too, Matt collects old cameras too and has a few that still work.

Samantha said...

OOH fun!! :)

Sarah and Jack said...

Vintage Halloween fabric is impossible to come by. It's hard to tell from that photo, but I think you have a winner.