Thursday, November 6, 2008

I am greatly disappointed and saddened about the election. I wish that I had the hope that so many of you seem to have, but I don’t. Frankly, I just don’t want to talk about it anymore. Well except for this post.

I’m afraid that people have forgotten that we are at war, and it makes me sad. Veterans’ day is around the corner, and I think that it couldn’t have been timed better than one week after the elections. What does give me hope is what I saw today on a soap opera, if you can believe it. All My Children had a wonderful scene with wounded veterans. I tried hard to find a clip so I could share it with you, but the closest thing that I found was the ABC report about the episode. If you have the Soapnet Channel it will be on again at 8pm tonight.

Please don’t forget to do something special for the Veterans in your life and your community this Tuesday, November 11. If you can do something special for a service member overseas, then do that too. It doesn’t have to be a huge gesture. A simple thank you note left on a vehicle with a Purple Heart tag carries more weight than you can imagine.

And to any service member or their families who happen to read this, Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

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