Thursday, November 13, 2008

Big Savaaaaa

Last Friday, I really had to go to the grocery store. I had to bake a cake and I had company coming over that weekend. I always HATE going to the grocery store, because it takes for stinking ever and I always get stuck behind people. Yes, I know I was the one blocking the soup aisle for 15 minutes try to make sure I had enough cans of soup for the coupons I was using. I also have a little helper who kept deciding that we needed to-go tuna and crackers, because I kept finding them thrown in the buggy.

Not only do I hate going to the store, I hate coming home from the store. I HATE carrying in groceries. Really I do. For some reason when we were looking for a house to buy, there just wasn’t any with a basement AND a drive way that was close to the kitchen.

What was I talking about, oh yeah. Anyway, the reason that I wanted to talk about my grocery shop is that I am SO proud of myself! I have been doing the Grocery Game for months now and I love it. Sometimes it seems hard and sometimes it seems easy, but I tell you when you look down at that Savings Today section it makes it all worth it. Usually, I have only been averaging about 35%. I always had those items that seemed to bring down my average. You know the things that are hardly ever on sale like Milk and Eggs. Well, we had already stocked on those last week, but I was still surprised when I looked down and saw how much I saved . . . are you ready . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . I saved a whopping $99.12!!!! I only spend $89.98! That’s right folks I saved 53% on my groceries! Let’s break it down (because really I’m still living in the moment):

Manufacture’s Coupon Savings: $37.18
Bonus Coupon Savings: $9.55
Store Coupon & Kroger Plus Savings: $52.39
Total Savings: (53%) $99.12

It was mostly things that were on my list too, so I wasn’t just buying things because they were on sale. I did get some things that I don’t normally buy like toaster strudel and frozen pie singles, but I do really like both those things. And the price was right!

I still don’t have my coupons fixed exactly like I want them, but I’m working on it. When I get it perfected I will let ya’ll know. That way you can be big saving like me!


Pregnantly Plump said...

Very impressive! I think the best I've done is 60%, but that was on a $20 shopping trip and I was only buying coupon things that we didn't exactly NEED.
I so wish we had a Kroger here.

Samantha said...


I <3 the Grocery Game.