Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Milk Glass and Roses

Remember that I am having the house painted? Well it seems that the pesky roses are in the way. When we first moved in these roses had over taken the front steps, making it nearly impossible to enter the house without getting scratched. I said it was our own natural security system, but apparently it had scrapped my husband one time too many because I came home one day to find that the bush had been completely hacked to the ground. It seems my husband had tried to eradicate the poor rose with a machete. I did have plans on digging it up and giving it to my mother. I guess my resucue attempt was too late.

This was early spring. By fall, out of pure spite I’m sure, it has not only grown completely back, but it is flourishing. It's full with new growth, leaves, and covered with the beautiful pink roses. I hope this little pruning hasn’t done it in. You see, this rose has spunk!

Here is what I decided to do with the clippings.

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Trina said...

Beautiful! I have the superpower to kill anything green in a 10 foot radius LOL

Debbie said...

I remember having those kind of rose buses when I lived in Chicago. They survived anything! And they bloomed like crazy. They look so pretty in the milk glass.

Debbie in Florida

Lainey-Paney said...

Oh, I just LOVE milk glass, and I love those roses too.