Friday, November 14, 2008

First Attempt at Sewing a Bag From a Pattern

Sarah at The Misadventures of Sarah and Jack decided to share some of her crafts that . . . well, just didn’t turn out the way she planned. I think we have all had those crafts. I have a ton of them unfinished in my closet myself. It’s funny how things sort of work when you start to create. With me, I get so excited that I have to finish. If I have to stop or take a break, well they usually end up in the closet unfinished. Or, I don’t get to start. I have a ton of beer themed t-shirts in XXL Ziploc bag in my closet that I bought from Goodwill almost 2 years ago, and still haven’t started on the project.

Anyway, Sarah invited us to join in and share some the projects that just didn’t turn out. Here is mine. This is my first attempt at reading a pattern on my own. I loved the pattern, but hated the bag.

The bag was supposed to have curved edges and when I tried to sew the curves together they came out different sizes. I should have started with a square.

I lined the bag with the same material that is on the outside. The pattern said that it was ok. Well, it looks terrible.

I had to use an interfacing, and I don’t think I attached the sides right. Really I think the inside and the outside are just different sizes.

Another problem is that there is no stability to the bag. The fabric is almost a heavy canvas weight, but this is what it does when you try to carry it. It just flops over. Not what I had in mind.

Let me just say for myself that I didn’t take Home Economics and my Mom never taught me how to use a sewing machine. That’s right. I’m braving this own my own folks. So like Sarah I’m ready to just toss it, except that I LOVE the fabric. I have already ripped out the seams joining the inside and outside layers. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Sarah and Jack said...

LOL I am going to say I have to agree and vote for what the hell was I thinking with the bag. Sorry. :-)

I say just reuse the fabric for something else. Coasters? Strips on a tea towel?

Liz said...

You're asking the wrong girl here. That bag is a masterpiece compared to what I would've sewn. :)

Jean said...

I think you are too hard on is cute. If you fill it up it won't flop around. No one will ever notice the parts that don't actually match up,only we notice those things.