Saturday, September 20, 2008

I heart Martha

It should be no surprise to anyone that I heart Martha. I watch her show almost every day. I can’t really say when these affections started. I was a college student with no place of my own to decorate, but the ideas! I started buying Living, and after a while I realized that I couldn’t keep all of them because I didn’t have enough room. College student remember. So I started ripping out the articles I liked and saving them in a 3” binder. After a couple of years my binder was about to go caput from all the adding pages, and the turning, and the drooling and what not (notice the sheet protectors!). I found four matching binders in my favorite color (big surprise) and voila! My secret crafting tool.

I divided my beloved articles into four categories: How-To, Special Occasions, Food, and Home. For several years I have tried to make my own Christmas presents. This was especially important when I was a college student, because I had more time than money. I would always “shop” in my binder for the perfect present to make for each person on my list. One year when I was especially broke I made everyone Christmas Card Wreaths! I think I spent less than $5.00 on each person. Who could beat that!?!

Why am I telling ya’ll this? Well, because after Martha’s show on blogging, she decided to have people post comments to her blog so she could feature them! How. Awesome. Is. That? I know that I can’t compete with other blogs on the number of crafts, or tutorials, or viewers, or decorating ideas, or recipes . . . but what I got is a whole lot a Martha Louuuvvee! I’m just saying.

If you want to enter your blog for review go here, The Martha Blog, and post a comment! I can’t wait to see all the lucky blogs that get selected and good luck everybody!

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Lainey-Paney said...

I secretly heart Martha too.
I buy her books at Half Priced Books, and randomly look through them again & again to refresh my memory of all her little ideas...

Liz said...

Not only are you organized... but it looks so nice! My big binders look awful. :)