Thursday, July 17, 2008

4th of July Part 2

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So here are the banners that posted about on my previous post. I was so excited about these. I thought that they would be a big hit, and I made six of them. Four of the same kind and two that were a little different. I had each priced at $10, because I spend about $5 on the ribbon. I knew that wouldn’t really pay for the time that I had in to them. Can you imagine my disappointment when NONE of them sold. Not one. I not sure what was wrong. Are the over priced? Was selling a 4th of July decoration of the 4th a bad idea? Are they just way off the mark? I mean I did get the idea from Martha after all, and how can Martha be wrong?

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Liz said...

You cant prove it by me, I think they're fabulous!