Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Smell of Spray Paint is in the Air

It seems that EVERYONE is getting into the spray painting kick (or maybe I’m just behind the times). It’s very inspiring to see all the things people are transforming, and how great everything turns out. I do have a project in the basement that I have been working on using metallic spray paint that I am planning on posting later.

Here are some of the great things I have been seeing

The Misadventures of Sarah and Jack

Creative Little Daisy

My Little Life (look at the lamp!)

The Sky in Pink

I have a question though, for all you spray painters out there. How do you know which spray paint to get? Could I use the same spray paint on plastic furniture that I can on say metal or wood? This is my road block.

If you have other projects on your blogs using spray paint, post me a comment and let me know. Happy spray painting everyone!


Jerusalem said...

Oh thanks for the shout out! I so appreciate it! They make a special spray paint called "Krylon" (I think that is what it is called) that is for plastic. I have sprayed plastic before with regular multi-purpose spray paint and if it something that is not going to get a lot of use or live outdoors, then it works fine. BUT if it is something you use a lot and you use regular spray paint then it may flake or chip off after a few uses. I think the Krylon stuff is great for plastic that gets a lot of use. For everything else you can use regular spray paint- but notice that it comes in "Flat" and "Gloss" finishes.

Lainey-Paney said...

special spray paint for plastic

special spray paint for appliances

special spray paint for high heat areas like the inside of your fireplace & grills

spray paint rocks.

Sarah and Jack said...

For sure you need the special plastic paint if you are painting plastic, otherwise I just go for Krylon. It's marked for inside and/or outside use depending on what you are painting.

Liz said...

Yeah... what Jerusalem said. :) Good luck on the spray painting. I want one of those special handles you can hook up to spray paint can so your pointer finger doesnt get carpel tunnel. :)

lera said...

Yes. Special paint needed for plastics.

AND (very important, I just learned from an ill-fated painting project), if you buy Krylon, buy "Indoor/Outdoor" NOT "Interior/Exterior." I know they sound redundant, but the "Indoor/Outdoor" is a better paint AND has a better nozzle. The other left splatters EVERYwhere. I called and complained and they are sending me two cans of the good stuff.

Jerusalem said...

Hey, I don't know if you have had time to pop over but I posted some links etc. for you over at my blog! Hope they help you find some inspiration! PS- u can always email me @ if you have more questions!